Bio: The Research of Hans Otto Koenig

In 1974, Hans Otto Koenig watched the German ZDF television channel, transmitting a program on the paranormal voice phenomenon describing the first trials of communicating with the afterlife by Friedrich Jürgenson. The recorded voices from the Spiritual World were plainly audible to everyone.

Being a realistic man with a scientific education, Hans Otto Koenig was very critical and was convinced the voices could be transmitted only subconsciously by the experimenter himself.

However, the fact that men would be able to record their unconscious thoughts on a device and make them acoustically audible was fascinating to this physicist who specialized in electro-acoustics!!

Being an expert, with the necessary know-how and knowledge of technical possibilities, Koenig, attracted by the topic, began his personal research. So for many years, he studied EVP using the conventional methods, asking continually, “What is it, how is it, and why is it so?”

After hundreds of trials, dealing critically with the topic, the skeptical man began to realize that these clear voices, recorded on simple tape-recorders, couldn’t be the commonly accepted subconscious thoughts of the experimenter, but were voices coming from another realm, and just the same voices were communicating messages to him again and again. Koenig, however, began to notice that using only traditional methods, he didn’t achieve much progress, because the messages he received were too short. If the voices really come from a Spiritual World, there must be a way to ameliorate the communication. From that moment, he decided to dedicating himself to making this contact link, continuing to optimize  the quality and length of his connections to get more and more information and understanding about these far away and still unexplored contacts.

So Koenig left the traditional methods of EVP connection used by so many people all over the World, and proceeded all by himself through basic research seeking new ways no other experimenter had ever created. He took the great plunge into the unknown. How could he invent a new technology that is an impossibility according to its own physical principles? How could he create a device so spiritual beings could be able to connect with him over long distances?
Finally, after two years of intensive work, the first contact with his first system, named “The Generator” came about.

“Let’s activate. Believe, we are living!” These were the first words he heard. Then he heard the first little dialogues. Koenig was on the right path. So over the course of the following years, the researcher continued constructing and defining more and more devices for connecting with the Spiritual World. Koenig invented

  • • The Multi-Oscillation System
  • • The Infrared System
  • • The Hyperspace System (HRS-System)
  • • The Universal Direction-System (UDS-System).

Thanks to the new  technology  systems, developed by Koenig, today we can receive distinctly audible information and even reasoning and information from the other side. His new evolution of basic research was so well stabilized that by using the HRS-System, he could connect with the Spiritual World, having dialogues for more than 15 to 20 minutes. Presently, Hans Otto Koenig has archived more than 40,000 conventional radio-recordings and more than 400 accounts, with the help of his own developed devices.

Thanks to Koenig’s basic research, today we are far from the first radio experiments by Friedrich Jürgenson and far beyond the fair quality of the normal, although very valid, radio recordings, conducted all over the world. The voices received by systems Koenig has developed are so incredibly clear and distinct that they can be understand by everyone.



From the Acoustic Connection to Visual Contacts by Television

Bilder einer TV Einspielung vom visuellen Aufbau eines Gesicht eines lachenden Kindes eines Jenseitigen Verstorbenen
Bild einer tv einspielung eines alten Mannes, Jenseitiger, Verstorbener
(Above are examples of two paranormal fotographs received on the TV Generator in 1994.)

However, Koenig’s research was not only applied to ameliorating acoustic recordings. Over a long period during his research, he also made trials to connect via television. In 1988, he had the first successes. The Spiritual World began interfering visually through television contacts.

Hans Otto Koenig is the only researcher in the world who has always conducted his trials with a new apparatus in public and in front of a large audience. In the beginning, he even made live recordings during RTL television shows presented by the famous moderator Rainer Holbe.

Only this experimenter has allowed, over the years, again and again, that his devices were checked several times and in many instances: there was nothing and there is nothing being manipulated or tricked. All his results are traceable, analyzable and can be measured. Koenig is currently the only researcher who has systematically studied the paranormal voice phenomenon, consistently inventing new systems, and continuously improving the quality of the recorded contacts.



Formation of the research community FGT

In 1988, Hans Otto Koenig was awarded a doctor honoris causa degree by the Metascience Founation at Atlanta in recognition of his research work.  For years, he has been speaking and chairing seminars about TransCommunication and the power of spirit or mind, at home and abroad.  For the last 13 years, however, Koenig has avoided media contact.

In 1984, Hans Otto Koenig founded, together with his wife Margret Koenig †, the F.G.T. (Research Community of Transcommunication), and began publishing the Paranormal Voice newsletter, informing F.G.T. members and others about the newest results of his research.

Hans Otto Koenig is aware of the fact that, on the one hand, accepting the results of his research is affected by our belief system or knowledge, filtered through many traditions, religions, and philosophies, but on the other hand, his work has created a new way of experiencing based on real phenomena.  During his research, the scientist has touched the limits of modern physics and the frontiers of our current conception of the physical world.

He was confronted with manifestations that seemed completely impossible from a physical point of view, and as of today, science has not a single explanatory model for the phenomena.

A new physics imposed itself on him, a mental physics explaining phenomena like electronic voices, telepathy, apparitions, and much more. In the new physics, the space-time continuum was exceeded, with talk of information fields in other dimensions, such as the fifth and sixth dimensions. TransCommunication research is heralding the start of a new way of thinking.  The old scientific belief system must be abandoned; a new one is imposing itself on us, in which spirit after the earth life continues to exist.

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